What insurance does your company need? Whether new founders, start-ups or companies which have been established for many years – as a self-employed individual, livelihood protection is the be all and end all. My team and I support you and your company with this and are at your side with advice. Together, we determine what coverage is practical, necessary or even meaningless for you. We make sure that property damage, personal injury and financial damage are covered in the company. Here, we work for the long term, transparently and always with a focus on your industry and situation. Together, we make provisions, motivate your employees through effective and vibrant special benefits and thus increase the attractiveness of each individual job at your company. As a result, you create the competitive advantage in the labour market which is so important today. You thus secure the successful future of your company and create more new jobs. Talk to me, I would be happy to share my experience with you.

Unternehmer vor einer wand als Schatten Superhelden

Services for employers and the self-employed

  • Livelihood protection programmes
  • Health insurance cover
  • Occupational disability cover
  • D & O insurance for GmbH managing directors
  • Livelihood protection in the event of an early end to your career owing to illness or an accident
  • Pension advice
  • Key Man insurance to cover key people in the company

Even more services for the future:

Support in acquiring skilled workers and motivating the workforce through intelligent special benefits such as:

  • Occupational supplementary health insurance
  • Occupational disability pension and pension scheme