Accidents at


Accidents at work are not automatically insured

Did you know that someone who is self-employed or is an employer is not automatically insured by the employers’ liability insurance association in the event of an accident? The Administrative Employers’ Liability Insurance Association (VBG), as a commercial professional association, is the largest provider of statutory accident insurance in Germany. However, as a self-employed individual, you are not necessarily insured here. These benefits are also of the greatest existential importance for this group of people. It is therefore important to voluntarily register with the appropriate VBG immediately after starting a business. All accidents and work and occupational illnesses are then covered.

What are accidents at work?

Accidents at work are accidents that you, as a voluntary policyholder, suffer while carrying out your work or on a business trip. It is essential that the activity is for business purposes and not for personal purposes. Commuting accidents are also covered. There are accidents that you suffer directly on the way to or from work.

What are occupational illnesses?

These are illnesses that you, as a policyholder, suffer as a result of an insured activity. These recognised illnesses are identified by ordinance in a Federal government list.

What benefits does the VBG pay for – medical, professional and social rehabilitation?

After the occurrence of an insured event, the restoration of your health and your reintegration into work and society are the VBG's central objective. To this end, not only are the costs of the out-patient and in-patient medical treatments required for this covered, but also optimal medical treatment is ensured through active rehabilitation management.

During rehabilitation, your livelihood and your family are covered by cash payments. You receive injury benefits if you are unable to work as a result of an insured event or if you are initially unable to work full time owing to a treatment measure. Since you then receive no income or reduced income, as a voluntary policyholder you receive injury benefits to the amount of the insurance sum you have chosen, in general from the 22nd calendar of incapacity for work as determined by a doctor. Unless you are entitled to sick pay through a statutory health insurance scheme. If in-patient treatment in the hospital or a rehabilitation facility is required as a result of the insured event, then injury benefits are paid for the duration of this stay.

If your ability to work continues to be affected following an accident at work or an occupational illness, then you are entitled to compensation – in the form of an injury or occupational illness pension. The extremely fair amount is calculated based on the insurance sum you have chosen, the current contribution bases and the hazard class at which the company is assessed in accordance with the VBG’s hazard rate and is payable in arrears following the end of the insurance year. I am happy to make myself available to you as an insurance and coverage professional – a call or an email is sufficient.

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